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Custom Homes & Renovations 

New Homes, Remodeling, and Major Renovations in Northeast Pennsylvania

Our Process for “Building a Better Northeast”


At NEPA Builders, we want to get to know you. Your goals, your lifestyle, your family, your budget, everything.

Honest conversations—finding out what is most important to you and explaining clearly what you can expect from us—is where it all starts. We’ll go on this journey together in turning your Dream Home into a reality.


We work with you to provide realistic expectations throughout the project. We provide clear and consistent updates through a user-friendly app. Quality and Clear Communication are our top priorities.

  • New Homes

We love to build a new house from scratch. With the ability to build from the ground up, we can truly push the boundaries of what is possible. When we build your heirloom home, we are helping you to build the future of your family. We feel that when building a new home, nothing is more important than putting family first. 

  • Renovations

Intention is the core of our process. Taking into consideration the best use of your space, our team works with you to share your vision. We fully consider your lifestyle, your family members, and all of the things that matter most to you. With all of the important details considered, we bring the connection between the architect, builder and the homeowner. 


Using the best manufacturers and products in the industry, we are able to offer warranties that matter. This means that we will be there for you long after you start bringing your new furniture through the door!

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